Device Repair Technician: Are You Qualified to Fix My Phone?

Considering how connected we are to our phones, entrusting someone with our gadgets can be a daunting experience. You sometimes doubt their capabilities and wonder whether they will be able to fix your phone without damaging it more. This is understandable and everyone experiences the same. However, we can’t do without phone repair technicians, can we? How do you know that you have found the right person for your phone repair job? Here are some of the best screening questions that you should ask when looking for a phone repair technician:
  1. What are your qualifications for fixing smartphones? - The first thing that you should ask to see is the qualifications and credentials of your technician. Although this seems obvious, very few technicians can actually be able to produce the proof of their credentials. If it is a phone repair company, you should ask to know how often the employees are re-trained to keep up with the advancing technology. If you are happy with their answers, then you might have found the right person.
  2. How will my data be protected? - This is another question that you should ask your technician. Remember how you value those photos and other valuable information on your phone. It is therefore crucial that you know how your data will be secured or stored during the repair job. Usually, a digital phone repair company should have their external backup system. They should also mention something about how they are going to restore the data once the repair job is done. If your technician does not have an answer to this question, then you may want to move on to the next phone repair store.
  3. Are you going to document the changes made during the process? - It is essential that you understand the changes to expect on your phone after the repairs. If some of your security settings were interfered with during the process, it is important that you understand these changes or at least know how to rectify them. If your technician does not care to make you understand the whole process, then he won’t bother to make sure that your phone is safe.
  4. Why are you more affordable than your colleagues? – Very few people actually think of asking this question. However, it is critical that you understand how your technician can afford to offer his services at a much lower price than the other technicians. This is because some technicians will use sub-standard spare parts to fix your phone. Using fake spare parts will not only damage your phone but will be more expensive in the long run. Please note that we are not implying that all affordable phone repair shops offer poor services, all we are saying is that you should understand what you are paying for. Have a search on Google for 'phone repair near me' and see what other options are available.
You will realize that, after asking these questions, it will be so easy for you to get someone who is capable of repairing your device. This question session will also give you a chance to gauge their level of professionalism and expertise.